The name of the Club shall be the "Alice Springs Swimming Club Incorporated," here in after referred to as the "Club"


The address of the Club shall be as follows Alice Springs Swimming Club Inc

P.O. Box 1929



a) To promote and encourage the sport of swimming in Alice Springs.

b) To train members of the Club in the sport of swimming in Alice Springs.

c) To promote and organise swimming carnivals at Alice Springs and to arrange for members of the Club to participatein swimming carnivals held at any place.

d) To affiliate with such other clubs or organisations having the same or similar objectives as the Club in such manner and upon such terms as the Club may determine.

e) To do such other acts things and matters as shall assist in the furtherance or promotion of the above objectives or any of them.


a) The colours of the Club shall be Gold, Red and Black

b) The emblem of the Club shall be the Camel


a) The Club shall consist of Members (hereinafter referred to as "Members") who shall be persons eligible formembership under the rules of the Amateur Swimming Clubs as laid down by Swimming Australia Limited.

b) Only Members who are registered with the Alice Springs Swimming Club may compete in competitions in the name of the Club or organised under the auspices of the Club

c) Only Members of the club may stand for or hold office or a position therein.


a) There shall be a Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as the "Committee") consisting of the following:

1) President

2) Vice President

3) Secretary

4) Treasurer

5) Registrar

6) Public Officer

7) and not more than 7 other members

b) The Committee shall have the power to co-opt additional members to the Committee to carry

out specific management tasks.

 c) The Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of Members and hold office until theend of the following Annual General Meeting.

d) The Committee shall conduct the affairs of the Club in accordance with this constitution.


a) The Annual General Meeting of Members shall be held in the month of May or June each year,

b) Not less than 14 days notice, advertised in the press indicating time and place for the meeting, shall begiven.

c) Notices of motion shall be handed to the Club Secretary not less than 14 days prior to the meeting.

d) The President, or Vice President, shall take the chair or, in their absence, a member from amongst those present may be elected to the chair.

e) A quorum shall consist of not less than ten (10) members eligible to vote.

f) Only members over the age of sixteen (16) years are eligible to vote.

g) Subject to clause (f) above, all members present shall be entitled to one vote.

h) Nominations for office bearers, as referred to in clause 6(a), shall be proposed, seconded and accepted at the Annual General Meeting.

i) If, at the Annual General Meeting, there is more than one nomination for any position, the chairman shall appoint a Returning Officer and Scrutineer(s) who shall conduct the necessary ballot. The decision of the Returning Officer as to any matter concerning the election shall be final and conclusive.

j) The regular business of the Annual General Meeting which shall take precedence over other business shall be:

1) To confirm the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting.

2) To consider correspondence relevant to the Annual General Meeting.

3) To receive the President's and Coach's Report of the Club.

4) To receive the financial statements which are to be qualified as being subject to audit

5) To consider motions on notice to add to, vary, or amend the Constitution.

6) To elect Office Bearers and Life Members of the Club.


a) A Special General Meeting of the Club may be summoned at the request of one or more of the


1) The President

2) 50% members of the Committee

3) A petition signed by at least ten (10) or more members

b) A Special General Meeting of Members can be held at any time during the year. Not less than fourteen (14) days notice shall be given and shall be advertised in the press indicating the following:

1) The Time

2) The Place

3) The business to be transacted

c) The provisions of 7(d), 7(f), 7(g), shall apply.

d) No other business except that for which the meeting was called may be transacted at any Special

General Meeting.

e) All such meetings shall have power to adjourn their proceedings to any date fixed by such meeting.


a) The General Meetings of the Committee (hereinafter called the "Meetings") shall be held at such times, as the ommittee shall by resolution determine. The Committee shall determine from time to time if any, and if so, whatnotice is necessary in respect of meetings.

b) The first Meeting of the new committee will be held no more than 28 days after the Annual General Meeting.

c) The President or Vice President shall take the chair or, in their absence, a member from amongst those present may beelected to the chair.

d) The order of business at Meetings shall be:

1) Reading and confirming of minutes of previous meeting

2) Business arising from the minutes

3) Correspondence

4) Business held over from the previous meeting

5) Motions on notice.

6) Reports

7) General Business

e) A quorum shall consist of not less than 50% members of the Committee.

f) All members of the Committee present shall be entitled to one vote, with the Chairman having the casting vote.

g) If a member of the Committee shall miss three consecutive Meetings without the sanction of the

Committee, the position shall be declared vacant.

h) When a Meeting lapses for want of a quorum the Secretary shall convene a second meeting within seven (7) days where the business may be transacted provided members present number not less than 50%, and such transactions shall be considered legal and binding.

i) In the event of any Meeting lapsing for want of a quorum the business thereof or such of it as remains undealt with,shall be dealt with at the next Meeting.

j) All financial members are entitled to attend Committee meetings and may be permitted to speak on any Club matter atthe invitation of the Chair or discretion of the meeting. Such members shall not be entitled to vote.

k) AH accounts must be submitted to and passed by the Committee, save and accepted, that the Treasurer may expend anamount not exceeding the sum of One Hundred Dollars ($100) per month on behalf of the Club without the priorsanction of the Committee


a) The control of all affairs of the Club, within the constraints of this Constitution, shall be vested in the Committeeincluding the setting of Membership Fees prior the commencement of the new season.

b) The Committee shall have the power, in the name of the Club, to enter into financial loan agreements on behalf of theClub

c) In exercising the powers in clause (b) above, the Committee shall not enter into any commitment which cannot be metby the financial resources existing at the time without the approval of Members at a Special General or AnnualGeneral Meeting of the Club.

d) The Committee shall have the power to authorise the payment of accounts

e) The income and property of the Club when so ever derived shall be applied solely towards the promotion of theobjectives of the Club and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend,bonus or otherwise howsoever by way of profit to Members, provided that nothing herein shall prevent the payment ingood faith of remuneration to any officer or servant of the Club or to any Member in return for any service actuallyrendered to the Club or reasonable and proper rent for premises let by a Member of the Club

f) Any contract entered into by the club shall be fixed by Common Seal executed by the President, and one otherCommittee Member as determined by the Committee.

g) At all Meetings when questions of order or practice arise, the ruling of the Chairman of the Chairman of the Meetingshall be accepted as final. In all cases of equality of voting on question the Chairman shall have a casting vote

h) The Committee shall have the power to appoint Sub-Committees to deal with any object, matter or thing within theConstitution and to delegate to such sub-Committees any functions and powers of the Committee relating thereto onany terms satisfactory to the committee.

 i) The President and Honorary Secretary may be ex-officio members of all sub-committees if they so desire.

j) If in office under the following:

1) President

2) Vic President

3) Secretary

4) Treasurer

5) Registrar/Record Keeper

6) One or more of the 7 Committee Members

Becomes vacant between the Annual General Meetings the vacancy shall be filled by election from the list ofMembers at the next monthly Meeting.

k) The Committee shall have the power to refuse an application for membership

1) The Committee shall have the power to suspend a Member or to exercise disciplinary measures over Members,providing at all times the Committee pays due regard to the Objectives of the Club


a) The President shall normally occupy the chair as follows:

1) Annual General Meetings

2) Special General Meetings

3) Committee Meetings

b) The Vice President shall be the deputy of the President

c) The Secretary shall:

1) Issue notices as required and conduct all correspondence of the Club

2) Keep correct minutes of the proceedings of the Club to be produced at

every meeting

d) The Duties of the Treasurer shall be:

1) Issuing receipts and promptly depositing all monies received.

2) Making all payments and keeping accurate up to date records of income and expenditure

All accounts shall be paid by cheque, signed and countersigned by any two of the following

office bearers:

• President

• Vice President

• Secretary

• Treasurer

3) To invoice groups or member when required.

4) Be fully informed about the financial position of the club at all times.

5} To prepare budgets for the forthcoming year, describing potential sources of income and


6) To present monthly breakdowns of income and expenditure to the management committee.

7) Preparing and presenting financial statements to committee meetings and for the annual


8) Handling tax returns if applicable,

9) To prepare annual financial accounts for the auditor by the 31st May each year, and

provide the auditor with information as requested.

10) To ensure annual returns and statements of accounts are filed with the Commission of

Corporate Affairs.

e) The Registrar/Record Keeper shall keep:

1) A record of all members, addresses and birth dates as required for age competitions.

2) A record of all swimmers swimming times for all competitions and time trials in all strokes

3) A Register of all Club swimming records in all strokes

f) The Head Coach shall:

1) Ensure that the Club swimmers are conversant with Swimming Australia Limited

regulations and rules for swimming.

2) Ensure that the Swimming Australia Limited regulations and rules of swimming are

available for Club Member perusal.

g) The Coaching and Development Committee:

1) Shall consist of the Head Coach, Team Manager, two Committee Members and a senior

swimmer preferably of national standard, such Committee Members and swimmer

nominated by the Management Committee.

2) Is empowered with all responsibilities of management of the personnel within the coaching


3) Is empowered to suspend Club swimmer Members for impertinence, continued

misbehaviour or general disobedience, with a maximum period of suspension of one (1)

month, with a right of appeal to the Committee within seven (7) days.

4) May select swimmers to attend carnivals in which they represent or be seen to represent

Alice Springs Swimming Club.

h) Public Officer

1) responsible for lodging all Official correspondence for processing with in the NT Government regulations and bylaws and of Swimming Australia.


a) Life membership may be granted to members at the Annual General Meeting of the Club. Twenty-one (21) daysnotice must be given to members. Consideration for Life Membership shall be given where a Member has been anactive Member for a minimum period often years and has provided very exceptional service to the benefit of theClub.

b) Life Membership shall be determined by a two-thirds majority vote of the Members present.

c) Life Members shall be exempt from payment of future annual subscriptions for Club membership and AliceSprings Swimming Association registration.


a) At all times the affairs of the Club shall be conducted in accordance with the rules, By-Laws and Regulations ofSwimming Australia Limited

b) To affiliate with the Swimming Northern Territory.

c) All fees due or moneys due to the Club shall be payable to the Club.

d) All property, real or personal, owned by the Club shall vest in the Club as a Corporation.


a) This constitution shall come into force forthwith and shall be the Constitution of the Club and no part of theConstitution shall be varied, altered, repealed or amended save at the annual General Meeting or Special GeneralMeeting by resolution on behalf of the majority of the Members present

b) Twenty-one (21) day's notice must be given to all members advising them of proposed changes to the Constitution.


In the event of the Club's affairs being wound up,

a) Any moneys or assets remaining after all liabilities have been met,shall be disbursed to Swimming NorthernTerritory or any other Public Benevolent Institution.

b) No moneys or assets will be disbursed to Members.