Registration Fees: Payable to MyLANE a full season registration runs from 1 July to 30 June.

To register, please contact Alice Spring Swimming Club at

Registration fees (current at 1 July 2017)$100 swimmer and $20 parent /non swimmer (it is compulsory to have at least one parent/guardian registered with the Club)

The annual registration fee goes towards meeting the cost of:


Squad Fees: Payable to the “Alice Springs Swim Club”(current at 9th October 2017)

$125.00 per swimmer per school term.

The Alice Springs Swimming Club squad fees go towards meeting the cost of:


School Sports Vouchers

If you have a school sports voucher, you can use it as payment toward your Registration fees or club fees. 

New Swimmers

For our new members, once your child has been assessed by the Head Coach you have the option of a weeks' trial period, after which registration and club fees must be paid or the swimmer/s will not be allowed to participate for insurance purposes.

Pool Entry

Pool entry is not included in registration or club fees and must be paid at the entrance kiosk of the pool. Most families opt for the Multi swim card; however you should contact the pool directly for details and options available.

Alice Springs Aquatic and Leisure Centre (08) 8953 4633

Facebook Page

Alice Springs Swimming Club Facebook page is a closed group, set up purely to disseminate information for Club members and their parents/guardians.



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