JX ( Junior Excellence )

The Australian Junior Excellence Program (JX), recognises rewards and encourages junior swimmers who, through their development of aquatic skills and fitness, achieve a high standard of swimming excellence. Under the program, swimmers aged from 9 to 13 years, who accomplish times set by Swimming Australia, qualify at Gold, Silver, Bronze or Green standard, depending on their best performance/s during the season.

ASSC JX award recipients for 2015-2016 season

Gold:     Nil
Silver:   Jarrod Cross, Thor O'Brien, Seth O'Brien, Erica Portelli & McKealy Tiller
Bronze: Charlie Newton & Stella Taylor
Green:   Isaac Blinco, Sophie Kleeman, Tira Kyreakou, Umika O'Brien, Imani O'Brien, Sophie Reid, Tom Stockwell & Steven Taylor

YPS (Youth Performance Squad)

The Australian Youth performance (YPS) is an exciting new initiative designed to reward swimmers aged 13-18 for their performances in th pool. The YOS is an extension of the junior Excellence program which recognises and rewards 9-13 year olds. Similar to Junior Excellence, YPS rewards swimmers for achieving particular time standards set by Swimming Australia.

ASSC YPS award achievers for 2015-2016 season



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