Member Protection Policy

Member Protection Policy
The Alice Springs Swimming Club endorses Swiming Australia Ltd's Member Welfare and Child Welfare Policies, copies of which can be found on the SAL website.
These policies and guidelines assist in ensuring that every person involved with swimming, is treated with respect and dignity, is safe and protected from abuse.
If any member of the club has a complaint regarding inappropriate behaviour, please contact the ASSC Member Protection Officer, or the Office of Sport & Recreation in the Alice Springs Plaza.


The objectives of the Alice Springs Swimming Club (from the Constitution of the Club):

  • To promote and encourage the sport of swimming in Alice Springs.
  • To train members of the Club in the sport of swimming in Alice Springs. 
  • To promote and organise swimming carnivals at Alice Springs and to arrange for members of the Club to participate in swimming carnivals held at any place. 
  • To affiliate with such other clubs or organisations having the same or similar objectives as the Club in such manner and upon such terms as the Club may determine.
  • To do such other acts, things and matters as shall assist in the furtherance or promotion of the above objectives.


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